TrekTracker - Trek, Track, Measure! by HPAtoolbox


Measure, track, and time your walks, hikes, and treks with TrekTracker.

From any GPS-enabled Android device, TrekTracker enables you to start, stop, pause, and resume its tracking features, providing elapsed time, distance traveled, and average speed. Distance and speed values have selectable conversions to other units of measure.

With a broadband connection, it can display the path you've traveled and your current location on a street map or satellite image.

TrekTracker saves your most recent treks -- with a touch of a button, you can review the route and statistics for previous treks.

TrekTracker main screen

Trek, Track, Measure! AND ENJOY!


TrekTracker can be purchased from the Google Play Store. Click the button below to go to the TrekTracker page on Google Play.

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