TrekTracker - Trek, Track, Measure! by HPAtoolbox

Preparing For Your Trek

After accepting the EULA and passing the purchase/license verification, the TrekTracker main screen is displayed, as shown below. NOTE: There is also a landscape layout, not depicted in this guide.

TrekTracker main screen

TrekTracker Get GPS Fix menu option TrekTracker Getting GPS Fix Progress To ensure that the mapping and distance calculations work from the beginning of your trek, click the menu button on your Android device. You’ll see the menu option depicted on the left. Select it to initiate the acquisition of a GPS fix.

While the device is acquiring a GPS fix, you’ll see a floating progress message, as depicted to the right. After the fix is acquired, you'll see the main screen again. NOTE: Sometimes it can take awhile to acquire a fix, especially if the GPS feature has not been used in awhile, or you are in a location with tall buildings or other objects that can interfere with the signal, or even if the device’s battery is running low. You can cancel the GPS fix acquisition while the progress message is displayed, by clicking the back key on your device.

Start Your Trek

Click the Start button when you are ready to begin your trek. The elapsed time, distance, and average speed values will refresh every second. If you have to temporarily stop your trek for a short period, click the Pause button – time and distance measurements will be suspended while in Pause mode, and will resume when you click the Resume button.

TrekTracker Trek In Progress TrekTracker Trek In Progress Satellite If your device has broadband Internet access, the map display will also update regularly, showing a "Begin" icon in green at your starting point, a hiker icon at your current location, and a line representing the path you’ve travelled. If you check the “Follow Me?” box, the map will always center on your current location (see figure to left). Leave it unchecked to make zooming and panning easier – you can do that with finger pinch/spread gestures. Check the "Satellite" box to change the map display to a satellite image (see figure to right).

Adjusting Measurement Units

TrekTracker Adjust Distance Units TrekTracker Adjust Speed Units Click on the dropdown boxes to the right of the distance and speed values to view a list of alternative units, as depicted in the figures to the left and right. Select the unit type you want and TrekTracker will convert the value for you.

End Your Trek

End your trek at any time by clicking the Stop button. A red "End" icon will be displayed at your stop point. Your final time, distance, and average speed are displayed, and your trek data will be saved -- see View Recent Treks section below for details. Click the Start button to begin tracking a new trek!

TrekTracker Trek Complete

View Recent Treks

To view the location data and stats for your most recent treks, click the "Recent Treks:" dropdown list below the Start button. It will pop up a list of your 10 most recent treks. Select the one you want to see, and TrekTracker will load it for you to review. Click the "<no selection>" entry to clear the display.

TrekTracker Recent Treks List