TrekTracker - Trek, Track, Measure! by HPAtoolbox


Follow Me: When checked, the "Follow Me?" feature will center the map display on your current location during a trek. Turn it off if you want to pan the map display to another area during your trek.

Orientation Change: TrekTracker will convert its display from portrait to landscape and back again, based on movements detected by the Android device. When a trek is in progress, but you don't have a need to convert units, examine the map, or pause/resume/stop your trek, turn your screen off and stow your Android device in your pocket or pack.  If the device can still receive signals from the GPS satellites, it will continue to track your trek while stowed.

App Switching : While a trek is in progress, if you use any device capabilities other than the back key to navigate to other apps or your home screen, TrekTracker will continue to run, so you may want to click the Pause button in TrekTracker before pressing the Home button if you don't want to continue to measure your progress while using another app. If you do press the Home button while a trek is in progress, a notification will be added to the notification list.

TrekTracker Trek-in-progress notification

You can return to TrekTracker by clicking the notification, or click on the app icon in the Apps or Recent list.

Incoming Calls: TrekTracker can also be interrupted by incoming phone call notification apps -- it will continue to run during your call, but when you end your call, your device should return you to TrekTracker.